Beware of These Common Insurance Company Tactics that Can Impact Your South Carolina Personal Injury Claim

Our David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers in South Carolina know that insurance companies have long-standing tactics common across the industry when responding to claims. First, insurance companies like to start by denying the claim, either partly or wholly, altogether.

They work hard to shield their policyholders from liability — not because they support their driver’s side of the story. Insurance companies know that if their policyholders are liable for the crash, they are responsible for the damages.

If there is enough evidence to support that their policyholder was liable for the crash, the insurance company will conduct a lengthy investigation to delay paying claimants — typically by distorting the crash facts to allow enough room to dispute part or all the claims.

Do not let the insurance company take advantage of your vulnerable position after a crash. Beware of long-used tactics that could impact your accident and injury claim, then contact our skilled personal injury lawyers in South Carolina.

Common Insurance Company Tactics That Can Disrupt South Carolina Auto Accident Claims

All insurance companies will do what they can to preserve their bottom lines. Before they can deny or dispute your claim, they will employ multiple tactics to protect themselves from paying what you are owed.

Some of the most common tactics they use include, but are not limited to:

  • Contacting Car Accident Injury Victims Immediately After the Crash

Insurance representatives want to be the first to talk to accident and injury victims. They do so under the guise of caring about the crash and the aftermath and ensuring the injured party they are there to help.

In reality, it is to get the injured parties to say anything that will make them partially liable for the crash so they can minimize their risk and pay as little as possible.

Do not speak with an insurance representative without speaking with an experienced South Carolina car accident attorney first.

  • Discourage Claimants From Hiring An Attorney  

Insurance representatives are trained to discourage injury victims from partnering with an attorney and instead will suggest they work directly with the insurance company.

The adjuster will insist that partnering with a personal injury attorney will:

  • Take longer to produce a payout.
  • Result in a lesser settlement after the attorney fees are collected from the settlement.

The reality is without an attorney, the insurance company may have more control over the flow of information and may use this to their advantage during negotiations. Without an attorney, it isn’t easy to know whether what the insurance company tells you is accurate.

Injury victims who partner with personal injury attorneys typically receive a settlement offer much higher than one they would have negotiated on their own – even after attorney fees. If the claim takes longer to produce positive results, it is only because the attorney ensures no detail is left to chance so you receive the best outcome.

  • Demanding Unnecessary Information

Insurance companies either deny or dispute car accident and injury claims immediately. They will insist that they need several documents before evaluating the claim.

The truth is that many of the things they ask for will never be used to value your claim because they use a computer program to value your claim from the start.

It is just another tactic to delay paying you what you are owed.

  • Disputing Medical Treatment

Insurers use software to value claims and to dispute any expenses their algorithms do not deem necessary. The computer and its software are not physicians. It is not up to technology to determine which procedures or treatment options are right for you.

If the insurance company claims your treatment was unnecessary, they will be unwilling to compensate you. This is not fair.

Our South Carolina car accident attorneys will prepare your claim by submitting complete medical documentation that supports your case in a way that it cannot be successfully disputed.

  • Misrepresenting What the Negligent Driver’s Insurance Policy Covers  

Insurance companies frequently refuse to pay a legitimate car accident claim, stating it is outside the policy coverage limits. If you do not know what the at-fault driver’s insurance covers, you may accept this response and move forward with a lesser settlement offer.

Our personal injury attorneys will not. We will outline the at-fault driver’s coverage and ensure each of our clients pursues the maximum amount available through its policy limits.

  • Searching for Clues on Your Social Media Platforms  

Insurance company investigators often scour Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other online sources for information about you. They want to find evidence contradicting your injury, treatment, or statements to avoid paying your claim.

Avoid using social media while your insurance claim is under review. This will ensure you do not inadvertently post anything that can be taken out of context and call your claim into question.

Contact Our Skilled South Carolina Car Accident Attorneys to Ensure Your Rights Are Protected from the Start of Your Claim

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