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At David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers in Spartanburg, we are dedicated to delivering legal solutions for our nearly 37,500 residents after their lives have been negatively impacted by the negligence of another person, party, or entity in South Carolina.

Our Spartanburg County personal injury attorneys know that injuries can happen anywhere, including during traffic collisions, at work, or while seeking medical care, leaving our residents physically, emotionally, and financially compromised going forward.

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may need long-term medical care and extended time away from work, and we believe you should never have to pay those expenses out of your pocket when they were caused by negligence.

Allow us to help you pursue the liable party for your full financial recovery, you can get your life back on track, starting with a consultation today.

David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers in Spartanburg, SC Practice Areas

At David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers, our skilled Spartanburg personal injury attorneys in South Carolina represent clients who have been hurt by the reckless and negligent actions or inaction of another person, party, or entity, because we know you deserve justice for the preventable injuries you endured.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers in Spartanburg, South Carolina represent individuals and families in the following practice areas:

If you have been hurt by negligence and are not sure where to turn, contact our experienced personal injury lawyers in Spartanburg, South Carolina today to schedule a consultation. We will walk you through the legal process and become a true partner and advocate for your full recovery, so you can focus on resuming the quality of life you enjoyed before your injuries occurred.

What are the Most Common Causes of Medical Malpractice in Spartanburg, SC?

Our city is home to Spartanburg Regional Hospital, which employs approximately 9,000 employees who mostly provide exceptional care to residents throughout South Carolina.

With so many people on staff, it is often difficult to tell when substandard care is provided, and when it is, how it harms the people of Spartanburg whose only intentions were to improve their quality of life by getting the healthcare they needed.

Unfortunately, medical errors happen every day, and they can cause serious injuries or even death when negligence is a factor in our healthcare facilities. When they do, our personal injury lawyers in Spartanburg will fully investigate your case, injuries, and the circumstances that caused them to ensure you can hold the liable party accountable for your full financial recovery.

The most common types of medical malpractice in Spartanburg may include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure to recognize symptoms
  • Lack of informed consent
  • Failure to order proper testing
  • Disregarding or not taking appropriate patient history
  • Misreading or ignoring laboratory results
  • Emergency room negligence
  • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis
  • Premature discharge
  • Anesthesia Errors
  • Poor follow-up or aftercare
  • Defective or improperly prescribed medication
  • Medical product liability
  • Birth injuries
  • Retained surgical instruments
  • Contamination and hospital-acquired infections
  • Surgical errors or wrong-site surgery
  • Nursing home negligence and abuse

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries while seeking medical care from a physician, surgery center, hospital, or another facility, contact our dedicated Spartanburg personal injury lawyers in South Carolina today to determine who can be held liable for your financial recovery.

Is Nursing Home Negligence Common in Spartanburg, South Carolina?

At last count, there were 19 nursing homes in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

In addition,13.2% of our Spartanburg households have someone living alone who is 65 years of age or older, which means their use for a facility may be drawing closer as the years go by.

When individuals or families trust their personal or loved one’s care to nursing homes or assisted living communities, it is often because they need access to around-the-clock monitoring, assistance, and medical care.

When the administrators, physicians, or other staff fall short of providing top-notch care, and either neglect or abuse the residents, our compassionate personal injury lawyers in Spartanburg take exception to the harm that befalls our most vulnerable residents.

If you believe that your loved one is suffering from abusive or negligent circumstances inside their nursing home, do not hesitate to contact our personal injury attorneys in Spartanburg to launch an investigation. We are available for consultations, and if you cannot come to us, we will come to you.

Can the David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers Help Me Recover from a Work Accident with Injuries?

Our David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers know that a lot of hardworking people live in Spartanburg, and many of them benefit from employment at the BMW manufacturing facility, which is in Spartanburg County.

The plant employs approximately 11,000 people working on the massive seven million-square-foot campus.

Spartanburg is also home to the world headquarters and research facility for Milliken & Company, a textile and chemical manufacturer, which employs over 7,000 employees.

If any of these large company’s employees are injured at work, we will review their unique circumstances to pursue the financial recovery they deserve.

If an employee suffers a work-related injury, the Workers’ Compensation Act in South Carolina provides that the individual is entitled to recover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Compensation for lost time and wages
  • Permanent disability benefits, when applicable

The problem is, many of our employees who are injured in Spartanburg are confronted with the fact that it is their employer’s insurance company that determines their financial recovery needs — not their employer. And we all know insurance companies never want to pay the true value for any claim.

Our South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers face large insurance companies every day, negotiating fair outcomes for our clients during mediation, or when those talks break down, we move our fight inside the courtroom and litigate our client’s case, so we are certain to pursue the financial recovery each deserves.

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