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Our David W. Martin Accident & Sexual Abuse Injury Lawyers in Greenville provide compassionate legal representation for survivors who have suffered both physical and emotional trauma from their abusers.

In South Carolina, sexual abuse is any type of non-consensual sexual activity, which is typically committed by manipulation or force, and it can happen to anyone, including children, adults, and the elderly.

Our Greenville County sexual abuse attorneys explain to each of our clients and their families that the pain and suffering they have endured is not their fault, and by telling their story, they can begin the healing process by holding their abuser liable for the injuries they have caused.

Whether it has happened one time or has been ongoing sexual abuse, our clients deserve justice.

We can help.

Contact our compassionate sexual abuse attorneys in Greenville today to schedule a consultation to learn more about how we customize legal strategies to fit each client’s unique recovery needs, so you can begin rebuilding your life with confidence.

What is Considered Sexual Abuse in Greenville, South Carolina?

The physical, emotional, and psychological injuries caused by sexual abuse can cause significant trauma that takes years to overcome.

Our sexual abuse lawyers in Greenville help empower our clients, so they have the confidence and legal support to pursue justice from their attackers, so they can reclaim control of their lives.

All our South Carolina residents need to know, any non-consensual sexual interaction is abuse.

That may include:

  • Harassment
  • Indecent exposure
  • Nonconsensual sexual gratification
  • Molestation
  • Groping, fondling, or unwanted touching
  • Sexual intercourse with anyone under sixteen
  • Penetration of the victim’s body, also known as rape
  • Forcing or coercing someone to perform a sexual act
  • Sexual relations with someone who cannot consent due to an impaired state

If you or someone you love has been sexually abused it is time to get the help you need to hold the abuser liable for your injuries by contacting our skilled personal injury lawyers in Greenville today to discuss your circumstances with our legal professionals, so we can begin building your case.

Where Does Sexual Abuse Occur in Greenville, South Carolina?

Sexual abuse often occurs in places where people feel safe, which makes the circumstances that much more difficult to understand.

Sexual predators often know their victims or are placed in a position of trust that is ultimately part of the overall trauma that occurs.

Some of the more familiar places sexual abuse may occur can include, but is not limited to:

  • Businesses, by coworkers, employers, or another third party
  • Camps
  • Churches
  • Medical offices, including physician and dentist offices
  • Organized sports and activities
  • Private residences
  • Schools

If you have been sexually abused in South Carolina, you have the legal right to hold your attacker liable for the physical, emotional, and psychological damages he or she has caused.

We can help you understand your rights and legal options to pursue the outcome you deserve, starting with a consultation today.

What if My Attacked is Denying The Sexual Abuse That I Know Occurred?

It is not unusual for sexual abusers to deny that they have hurt someone. In fact, no one is going to openly admit that they have sexually abused another, as the consequences are severe.

That is why it is important to build a compelling case that allows our skilled sexual abuse attorneys in Greenville to prove your case inside or outside the courtroom.

Our compassionate Greenville sexual abuse attorneys will begin investigating your case by conducting a full interview to understand the details of your case. We understand how difficult it can be to recount your story and will provide the care and understanding you require to feel safe and protected.

We will then collect any applicable physical evidence that supports your case, including photos, communications, DNA, and medical reports.

We will interview physicians, therapists, family members, and others who can testify about the sexual abuse, and how it has impacted your physical, psychological, and/or emotional well-being.

We will also investigate the alleged abuser’s criminal history, and/or any additional convictions for sex abuse, so we can establish a pattern and develop a clear and complete view of their predatory behavior.

What if More Than One Person Was Aware I Was Being Sexually Abused?

Our David W. Martin Accident & Sexual Abuse Injury Lawyers in Greenville know that all survivors have been affected by their circumstances differently and that the number of people involved in these cases often includes more than just the abuser.

There is often an organization behind the abuse which could include sports and activity groups, churches, or schools that knew or should have known the abuse was occurring. Some, unfortunately, even go out of their way to cover up the abuse.

At David W. Martin Accident and Injury Lawyers in Greenville, our sexual abuse attorneys provide our clients with the legal solutions they need to hold their abusers liable for their recovery, so these traumatizing circumstances do not have to define them.

We will also uncover any secondary parties that were complicit in the abuse, so they too can be held liable for their roles in our client’s injuries.

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