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Our David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers in Rock Hill know that any time an intoxicated driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, lives can be changed forever.

Last year, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety estimated that drunk driving caused 29% of all traffic accident fatalities throughout the state, and countless injuries that required long-term medical care, extended time away from work, and out-of-pocket expenses that jeopardized the injured party’s physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

Our South Carolina personal injury lawyers also know that when a drunk driver or intoxicated person causes harm or death to another, they can be held accountable in both criminal and civil court.

What most of our South Carolina residents do not know is that the establishment including a restaurant, bar, or another business that serves alcohol to underage or intoxicated patrons may also be held strictly liable for the injuries or loss of life of the overserved individual caused.

Here is what you need to know about the dram shop law in South Carolina.

Which Establishments are Considered Dram Shops in South Carolina?

While there is no legal statute for dram shop cases, previous decisions handed down by the South Carolina Supreme Court allow our personal injury lawyers in Rock Hill to pursue vendors who sold alcohol to an underage person or someone who was already intoxicated for the injuries that resulted from their behaviors.

The establishment can be a restaurant, bar, nightclub, concert venue, or any business that sells alcohol.

The key to pursuing a successful Rock Hill personal injury claim against the establishment is not dependent on the type of business, but the fact that the injured party must prove the alcohol sale was a proximate cause of the accident and was to blame for the person’s injuries.

Whether the damages were caused by a drunk driver in a vehicle collision, motorcycle accident, boat crash, or an intentional act of violence, we can help.

Our David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers in Rock Hill have the skill and experience our clients need to pursue the negligent parties that caused our client’s harm, so they can focus on getting their lives back on track.

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