What an Experienced South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Can (and Cannot) Do For Your Claim

Our David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers in South Carolina do everything we can to ensure our clients receive fair compensation for their complete damages. It is important to us that they are made whole again, and are never taken advantage of by the liable party’s insurance company.

Each time we take a case, there is nothing that we will not do to ensure the best outcome. However, there are things personal injury attorneys cannot do — legally or ethically.

Here, we discuss what we can and cannot do so our clients can make informed decisions about the direction of their cases.

Experienced South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney

What Can David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers Do For Me?

First and foremost, our South Carolina personal injury lawyers are our clients’ most prominent advocates. We understand each case aspect because they are unique and require a customized legal strategy to produce tangible results.

That requires:

  • Prompt Investigations

Our skilled South Carolina personal injury attorneys promptly initiate an appropriate investigation to discover the relevant facts of your situation. We understand that valuable evidence can get lost or destroyed, which can compromise our cases. We get to work immediately, so no detail is left in the insurance company’s hands instead of ours.

When necessary, we may use other professionals and experts to uncover as many significant facts as possible to strengthen our cases.

  • Guiding Our Clients Through the Legal Process and Thoroughly Discussing Their Options

Once your case is thoroughly researched and investigated, we will outline the details and demands that will be submitted to the liable party’s insurance company. We counsel our clients on all available compensation options and how to recover the maximum amount for their unique claims.

Our lawyers advise our clients on how to best preserve their rights and claims before and throughout the initial phases of the claim, the negotiation period, and when it may be time to take your case to court.

What CAN’T David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers Do For Me?

Our David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers will do anything we can to help produce the best outcome for each of our client’s cases. However, we will never engage in unethical or dishonest practices to advance their cases.

Our attorneys CANNOT:

  • Guarantee a Particular Result or Outcome

Personal injury lawyers cannot make guarantees about the outcome of your case. It is not only physically impossible to promise a client a specific result, but it is also unethical.

  • Guarantee Results in a Specific Time Frame

Just like we cannot guarantee a particular outcome, we cannot guarantee any results in a specific time frame. We can keep our clients updated throughout each process step and build a timeline based on our experience and expectations, but we cannot promise a specific time frame for your case to start and end.

  • File A Lawsuit After the South Carolina Personal Injury Statute of Limitations Has Expired

In South Carolina, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is three years, meaning injury victims have up to three years to file a claim after an accident. The clock for the three years begins when the victim is injured. You may not have one if you do not file a claim within that timeframe.

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