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Our David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers in South Carolina know that vehicle crashes can happen anywhere throughout the state when negligence is a factor. Unfortunately, driver inattention, carelessness, and overall distractions are becoming gradually more common, leading to catastrophic crashes, injuries, and tragic fatalities on our highways, city streets, and rural roads.

The problem is, these distractions are occurring increasingly by those who are not driving passenger vehicles, but larger, commercial trucks that can cause significant damage.

Delivery vehicle accidents are growing throughout South Carolina for several reasons. First, there are simply more delivery vehicles on our roadways than ever before. With the increased demand for immediate deliveries from Amazon and other retailers, large trucks are circling neighborhoods everywhere. To make matters worse, these drivers are consumed by deadlines and electronic device use that require them to place profits over safety.

If you have been injured in a delivery vehicle accident in South Carolina, your physical injuries are going to be compounded by the insurance companies, pointing their fingers between the driver, delivery company, and corporate entities they represent. We can help remove the obstacles associated with these legal claims, starting with a consultation today.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Delivery Vehicle Accidents and Injuries in South Carolina?

Last year, there were 1.5 million delivery drivers on our U.S. roadways, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor. These drivers are often independent contractors. However, some work for delivery services that contract directly with Amazon, Walmart, UPS, or FedEx to help deliver more packages in less time. Others work directly for these large retailers, which pivots the liability to the corporation’s insurance provider.

Determining who is liable for South Carolina delivery vehicle accidents and injuries begins with how and why the crash occurred.

This may include driver negligence caused by:

  • Alcohol or drug-impaired driving.
  • Disobeying traffic signs and signals.
  • Distractions, including work-related electronic devices.
  • Failing to yield.
  • Fatigued or drowsy driving.
  • Reckless or aggressive driving.

Delivery vehicle crashes may also be the fault of the company who employed the driver, whether it is a contracted service or the retailer, and may include:

  • Failing to administer drug and alcohol tests.
  • Failing to properly supervise drivers.
  • Failing to run background checks on drivers.
  • Failing to train drivers.
  • Hiring inexperienced drivers.

Previously, most delivery drivers were required to have a Commercial Driver’s License to operate large vehicles. Now, with demand for delivery drivers at an all-time high, many corporations are skirting those requirements. Unfortunately, placing someone who has a “standard” driver’s license behind the wheel of a vehicle that is technically commercial can lead to serious accidents.

Our South Carolina personal injury lawyers represent individuals and families who have been hurt or have lost a loved one in:

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As delivery vans and cargo vehicles contracted by or directly working for large retailers and even local couriers continue to appear in every neighborhood throughout South Carolina, company profits are being placed over safety and people are getting hurt.

We want to help hold them liable for the fallout our client’s experience from these collisions.

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