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Our David W. Martin Accident and Injury Lawyers in Fort Mill know that negligence knows no bounds when alcohol is involved in an accident’s equation.

Our South Carolina personal injury lawyers have pursued negligent drivers for injuring our clients while driving under the influence of alcohol, and during our investigations, we often discover that it is more than the drivers who were at fault.

Responsibility can also fall on the establishment that overserved them.

In South Carolina, we may also pursue the restaurant, bar, nightclub, or another business that serves alcohol when they are liable for furthering the intoxication of their patrons through a Dram Shop legal claim.

When businesses sell alcoholic drinks to guests who are nearly intoxicated, or noticeably drunk whether that person has been in the establishment for hours, or just arrived they may be held strictly liable to anyone injured by that patron’s actions because of their drunkenness.

That includes the intoxicated driver causing a car accident that causes significant injuries and fatalities.

If you were injured in a crash caused by an overserved patron or tragically lost someone you love to the same circumstances, you may be eligible to file a dram shop personal injury claim.

We can help. Here is what our South Carolina residents need to know about this important legal process.

How is the South Carolina Dram Shop Law Enforced?

Although there is no specific legislation outlining statutes for dram shop law cases, pursuing a legal claim is authorized by the South Carolina Supreme Court.

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety estimates that 29% of all traffic collision fatalities last year were caused by drunk driving, leaving law enforcement officers and public safety advocates pursuing varying means to slow the tragic pace of these deadly crashes.

That includes holding the establishments that are serving patrons liable for their negligence.

Dram shop laws in South Carolina allow our personal injury lawyers in Fort Mill to pursue an establishment for continuing to sell alcoholic beverages to clearly intoxicated people or anyone underage.

When an establishment negligently serves the underaged or intoxicated customer alcohol, and the customer then causes harm to another person or party while driving a car, operating a boat, riding a motorcycle or bicycle, or when they intentionally hurt someone else because of their drunken condition, we want to help our clients hold both parties liable for their actions.

Dram shop laws allow victims who were hurt by the intoxicated person to pursue compensation from the establishment that provided the alcohol that led to the accident or act that caused their injuries.

To achieve success in these cases, our Fort Mill personal injury law firm must prove the alcohol sale was a proximate cause of the accident and was to blame for our client’s injuries.

How can we help you hold the person who hurt you and the establishment that enabled their condition liable for your injuries?

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