Understanding Liability: Holding Responsible Parties Accountable in Drunk Driving Wrongful Death Cases

Our David W. Martin Accident and Injury Lawyers in South Carolina know the combination of impaired judgment, reduced coordination, slowed reaction times, and compromised vision makes drunk driving extremely dangerous and significantly increases the risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the road.

Unfortunately, drunk driving crashes impact bicyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and other passenger vehicle motorists, leaving no one safe when an impaired driver is behind the wheel.

Here, we discuss who may be potentially liability and how our attorneys can help grieving family members hold the responsible parties accountable.

Drunk Driving

Who Can Be Held Liable for Wrongful Deaths Caused by Drunk Driving Accidents in South Carolina?

Many South Carolinians may not know that in cases of wrongful death caused by drunk driving, several parties may be held liable for the tragic loss of life.

They include:

  • The Drunk Driver

The most apparent party at fault in a drunk driving wrongful death case is the intoxicated driver. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal and constitutes negligence. The driver’s impaired judgment and reaction time often directly contribute to the accident and resulting death.

  • Establishments Serving Alcohol

In some cases, liability may extend beyond the intoxicated driver to include establishments that served alcohol to the driver before the accident. South Carolina has dram shop laws that hold establishments, like bars, restaurants, and liquor stores, accountable for serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated individuals or minors who later cause injury or death as a result of their intoxication.

  • Social Host Liability

Social hosts who provide alcohol to guests may be held liable under certain circumstances. If a host knowingly serves alcohol to a guest who is visibly intoxicated and that guest later causes a drunk driving accident resulting in a wrongful death, the host may be held responsible.

  • Employer Liability

If the drunk driver was operating a vehicle as part of their employment during the accident, their employer may also be liable under certain circumstances. This could apply to cases involving commercial drivers, like truck or delivery drivers, who cause accidents while under the influence.

  • Vehicle Owners

In cases where the drunk driver was operating a vehicle owned by someone else, like a friend or family member, the vehicle owner may also be held liable if they negligently entrusted the car to someone they knew or should have known was intoxicated.

Proving liability in a drunk driving wrongful death case requires a thorough investigation, a gathering of evidence, and legal expertise. We can help.

Our wrongful death attorney in South Carolina can assess the circumstances of the accident, identify all potentially liable parties, and pursue appropriate legal action to hold them accountable for their negligence or misconduct.

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