The Dangers of Drunk Driving During the Holidays in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Drunk Driving Accident During the Holiday Season in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Our David W. Martin Accident & Injury Lawyers in Rock Hill know that it is illegal for anyone to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher.

Unfortunately, having a few or even multiple drinks does not stop some South Carolina drivers from getting behind the wheel.

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety reported that last year alone, over 22,000 people were arrested for driving under the influence across the state.

When drivers choose to drive home impaired, they are putting not only their own life at risk but also those of anyone else on our South Carolina roadways.

Why Do Drunk Driving Dangers Increase Around the Holidays in South Carolina?

Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day are some of the most dangerous times to be on our roadways, as drunk driving becomes increasingly common throughout the state, leading to the startling figure that 40% of all highway deaths are alcohol-related during the winter holidays.

The jump in intoxicated drivers during the winter holidays directly correlates to the increases in vehicle collisions, pedestrian accidents, and truck crashes throughout South Carolina.

The reality is, people, drink more during the holidays for multiple reasons, including the jump in holiday parties and family gatherings that can lead to:

  • Happiness and camaraderie
  • Drinking to cope with the environment
  • Excess drinking to “celebrate”
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sorrow and grief
  • Binge drinking

While not everyone drinks for the same reasons around the holidays, our York County, South Carolina personal injury attorneys know the results are the same and include:

  • Poor Judgment & Decision Making
  • Slowed Reaction Time & Lack of Coordination
  • Decreased Vision
  • Reduced Concentration
  • Increased Likelihood of Having an Accident

If it is not enough that drunk drivers are endangering their and other motorists’ lives, maybe the potential legal ramifications of drinking and driving will help sway their decision to take a cab or book rideshare to pick up to ensure everyone gets home safely.

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