What to Do When the Insurance Company Becomes the Real Problem

Our David W. Martin Accident and Injury Lawyers in South Carolina know that most reasonable people believe that after their lives have been turned upside down in a vehicle collision caused by another driver’s negligence, the insurance company will do their part and make the injured party whole again.

Unfortunately, the reality is much different.

It takes little time for the injured party to realize that the accident and their injuries are no longer the negligent driver’s problem. It is the insurance company’s responsibility now — and its representatives are the ones who are going to present a problem.

Most insurance companies have long-standing protocols that require their agents to dispute or deny auto accident claims immediately. This burdens the injured party to prove that the insurance company’s policyholder caused their injuries and damages. This is challenging, especially when you are hurt.

Dealing with an uncooperative or problematic insurance company after an accident can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to address the situation and protect your interests.

Here, we discuss what you should do when the insurance company becomes the real problem.

Insurance Company is Disputing

Steps to Take When the Insurance Company is Disputing Your Accident and Injury Claim

If you are pursuing a negligent driver’s insurance coverage for your damages, it requires understanding their policy limits to know how much of your damages are covered by their policy. If they have the minimum coverage required by law — $25,000 Bodily Injury Per Person / $50,000 Bodily Injury Per Accident / $25,000 Property Damage Per Accident — and your injuries exceed their limits, you may pursue your insurance policy for the balance.

This will require reviewing your insurance policy to understand your rights, coverage limits, and responsibilities.

Next, preserve all accident evidence, including accident reports, photographs, medical bills, and repair estimates. This documentation will be crucial in supporting your claim.

Finally, seek legal advice right away. Fighting with the insurance company can harm your claim, as they have time-tested strategies that allow them to pivot liability from their policyholder to put you at fault for the accident. The more you say, the more they will manipulate your statement and use it against you.

Additionally, the insurance company is often backed by its legal team, who have extensive experience defending against claims. If they perceive your insistence as a threat, they will turn it over to their legal team, who will require more from you than the previous agent. This is where things become increasingly difficult. It is planned this way, as they want you to get frustrated and give up or take a lesser settlement. Do not let them win.

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