The Lasting Impact of Soft Tissue Injuries After a South Carolina Personal Injury Accident

Our David W. Martin Accident and Injury Lawyers in South Carolina know that many insurance companies consider soft tissue injuries minor or non-existent. Since they are less visible than broken or crushed bones, burn injuries or catastrophic injuries, insurance companies often downplay their severity, which can significantly impact the financial outcome of a personal injury claim.

The reality is that the impact of soft tissue injuries is quite real and very apparent to the sufferer with each movement. Here, we discuss the common soft tissue injuries and how we can translate their impact on our client’s lives so their personal injury claim results reflect their actual recovery needs.

Knee Injuries

What are the Most Common Types of Soft Tissue Injuries?

Soft tissue injuries occur when the body’s muscles, tendons, or ligaments experience a degree of trauma during circumstances that lead to a fall, twist or blow to the body.

Common types of soft tissue injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • ACL Knee Injuries.
  • Bursitis.
  • Contusions.
  • Joint Damage.
  • Ligament and Tendon Damage.
  • Muscle Sprains and Strains.
  • Stress Injuries.
  • Tendinitis.
  • Whiplash Injuries.

Because soft-tissue injuries are difficult to see during medical examinations, including X-rays and scans, they are difficult to prove. This is the lack of concrete evidence the insurance company will count on to undervalue or deny your claim.

We believe you, and in your case. We know that even with appropriate medical treatment, these injuries may require a prolonged amount of time to heal, leaving our clients physically suffering and unable to work. Contact our experienced South Carolina personal injury attorneys today to learn how we review cases differently so our clients can pursue maximum compensation for their injuries — including soft tissue injuries.

What are the Most Common Causes of Soft Tissue Injuries?

When negligence is a factor, there is no limit to how soft tissue injuries can occur in South Carolina. Unfortunately, when they do, the recovery process can be demanding.

Some of the most common causes of soft tissue injuries include:

Most soft tissue injuries require long-term medical care, including physical therapy and rehabilitation, that can interrupt our client’s quality of life for months or even years. You do not have to face this difficult recovery, or the insurance company’s challenges alone. We can help.

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