Negligent Security Can Lead to Serious Injuries at Apartment Complexes Throughout South Carolina

Our David W. Martin Accident and Injury Lawyers in South Carolina know that apartment complexes throughout the state can quickly become dangerous premises when there is a lack of security measures in place to ensure the residents, visitors, or service providers are safe.

Broken locks, poor lighting, loitering, and the general lack of security can lead to physical and sexual assaults, robberies, and other criminal activities that can lead to serious injuries or even death.

Our South Carolina personal injury attorneys work tirelessly to prove the apartment complex owner or manager failed to prevent a foreseeable attack, assault, or other actions that led to our client’s harm.

If you have been hurt or lost a loved one because of an apartment complex’s negligent security measures, contact us today to discuss your case during a consultation. We want to help.

When is an Apartment Complex Liable for Injuries or Fatalities Caused by Negligent Security?

Apartment complex owners, operators, or managers can be held liable for injuries or fatalities that occur on the premises when they had knowledge of the existence of a hazard and failed to take reasonable steps within a reasonable amount of time to prevent harm.

When assaults, attacks, or other criminal activity occurs in apartment complexes, the question becomes whether the harmful circumstances were foreseeable by the property owner or management company.

For instance, if an attack previously occurred at the apartment complex, seriously injuring a tenant or visitor, the property owner or operator would be notified of the dangerous condition.

It would then be up to the apartment complex to implement safety measures to keep another attack, assault, or other harmful circumstances from occurring on the property again.

In short, when a crime is foreseeable given the inadequacy or lack of security measures, the apartment complex may be liable for the injuries or wrongful death that resulted.

Other circumstances that may lead to the apartment complex’s liability could include:

  • The lack of adequate lighting in hallways, stairwells, entries and exits, parking lots, or other public areas provides an advantage to a perpetrator
  • Faulty safety measures at the time of the incident, including broken gates or locks
  • Lack of maintenance records for security equipment, including video surveillance, security alarms, call boxes, gates, doors, windows, locks, or gates to ensure each was in good working condition
  • A pattern or history of known criminal activity in or around the apartment complex
  • Delayed or canceled security measures or upgrades to save money
  • Failing to implement or upgrade existing security in response to other incidents in or around the apartment complex
  • The absence of security personnel or negligent or insufficiently numbered security personnel
  • Failing to conduct background checks on potentially dangerous co-tenants, contractors, or maintenance employees
  • Inadequate policies or procedures for keys/entry controls that enabled perpetrators access to an apartment or other area of the premises

When our clients suffer injuries due to negligent security measures at an apartment complex, we will help build their case to prove that the property owner or operator failed to take reasonable measures to protect them.

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